iExcel iLead Dubai
The iExceliLead Dubai program for business leaders provides a paradigm shift in leadership. Our program adopts an Inside Out approach where the individual is provided knowledge on how to live life sans any stress, with a smile on ones face despite the challenges that life offers. It thus opens up avenues for one to express his or her true dynamic potential. It draws the attention to the Self, which is a storehouse of energy, creative ideas and excellence.

Having built individual strength it goes on to build stakeholder strength by helping One improve their social interactions in life. This paves way to expand their circle of influence for growth and greater socio economic impact. With values and ethical practices as the core principles this approach has been found to be very effective amongst individuals / companies.

It is our mission to prepare the SME companies to scale to the next BIG level. The program offers knowledge through modules on the following:
1. Inspirational leadership: What is it all about and how can it be internalized and practiced within the organization
2. Tenets to effective living
3. Teamwork: How to infuse teamwork within companies
4. Effective communication skills
5. How to arrest attrition and absenteeism
6. Building individual strength through Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation
7. Awareness Technique - A unique rhythmic breathing technique that helps you to effectively combat stress
8. Clarity in decision-making and Increased Productivity

All this and more is offered in the iExceliLead Dubai program whose aim in a few words is to help Infuse excellence in the individual and company through Inspirational Leadership.

We invite you and your top management to register for this program. For more info contact Saritaa Rai – 055-6139416 / Raksha Patel – 055-5594070

*Corporate Group Discounts are also available


Address: 203, Building 99, Oud Metha, Dubai
Phone: 055-6139416 / 055-5594070
Business Hours: 8:00 to 18:00